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Plasmolifting® - 2x PRP...

The use of the specialized high-quality vacuum tubes is one of the key factors in ensuring efficacy and safety of the procedure performed with our technology.

The tubes distributed by Plasmolifting company allow to obtain high-purity autologous blood plasma with therapeutic properties, significantly increasing treatment efficacy.

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Plasmolifting® - 100x DPRP...

Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® DPRP tubes

Plasmolifting® - 100x DPRP + prp-course free

  • Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® PRP Tubes:

    • contain an anticoagulant that prevents blood clotting and inhibits platelet aggregation;
    • are classified as class II medical devices, i.e the plasma obtained using these PRP tubes can be returned to the body or injected;
    •   contain a thixotropic gel that separates the supernatant plasma platelet suspension from the cellular components and permits autologous plasma to gain a strong therapeutic effect.