Payment and shipping
Payment and shipping

The following conditions apply:

Shipping conditions

Shipping costs (VAT incl.)

Shipping costs is calculated according to DHL tariffs.

The delivery time

If no other period is specified in the relevant offer, delivery takes place in Germany within 2-3 days and deliveries abroad within 5 to 7 days after the conclusion of the contract (with an agreed prepayment after the time of your payment order).

Information about delivery times

With an advance payment, the delivery period starts on the day after the payment order is sent to the referring bank or, if applicable, by another means of payment, the day after the conclusion of the contract and ends on last day of the deadline. If the last day of this period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a recognized holiday at the place of delivery, the next working day is considered the last day of that period.

Note that no deliveries are made on Sundays and on public holidays. If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship them at once, unless we have made a different agreement with you. . The delivery time is determined in this case according to the item you ordered with the longest delivery time.
Land/Country Laufzeit Werktage / Runtime working days
Argentina 10-14 working days
Australia 11 working days
Belgien / Belgium 2 working days
Bosnien-Herzegowina / Bosnia and Herzegovina 12 working days
Bulgarien / Bulgaria 6-8 working days
Canada 10 working days
China + Hongkong 12-14 working days
Dänemark / Denmark 2 working days
Finnland / Finland 6 working days
Frankreich / France 3 working days
GB - United Kingdom 3 working days
Griechenland / Greece 7-9 working days
Irland / Ireland 8 working days
Israel 16-22 working days
Italien / Italy 3 working days
Japan 8 working days
Kanarische Inseln / Canary Islands 7-10 working days
Kosovo 8-10 working days
Kroatien / Croatia 2-3 working days
Liechtenstein 4-5 working days
Luxembourg 2-3 working days
Mexico 11-16 working days
New Zealand 10-12 working days
Niederlande / Netherlands 2-3 working days
Norway 7-8 working days
Österreich / Austria 2 working days
Polen / Poland 3 working days
Portugal 9 working days
Schweden / Sweden 4 working days
Serbien 7-10 working days
Spanien / Espana 4-5 working days
Slowakei / Slovakia 3-4 working days
Slowenien / Slovenia 4 working days
Tschechische Republik / Czech Republic 3 working days
Türkei / Turkey 7-10 working days
Ungarn / Hungary 4 working days
USA 10-12 working days
UAE / United Arabian Emirats 8-12 working days

Terms of payment

For deliveries in Germany, you have the following payment options:

-Payment by bank transfer

-Payment via PayPal

For deliveries abroad, you have the following payment options:

-Bank transfer

-Payment via PayPal

For deliveries abroad, you have the following payment options:

-Bank transfer

-Payment via PayPal

Our bank details:

Plasmolifting World GmbH
HypoVereinsbank UniCredit
IBAN DE68 5032 0191 0027 2396 50

If you have any questions, you will find our contact details in our legal disclosure.

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