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Dear colleagues!

Know-how and knowledge strengthen your treatment potential, help you to achieve your treatment goals, increase your patients' satisfaction and ensure your good reputation. It is therefore particularly important to us to provide you with the full wealth of our therapeutic PRP experience and thus make your requirements, goals and wishes a reality. We also endeavor to make our knowledge and skills as accessible as possible to you and offer three options for this:

  1. Video courses, priced at 199 euros. Our courses last 4-5 hours and are available in English, German, Italian and Russian. You can learn at any time in your familiar surroundings and if you have any questions, you can send them to us by e-mail at any time. You can select your desired course under the following link.
  2. The face-to-face training courses on aesthetic medicine and trichology are regularly held in Berlin, Munich and sometimes in other European cities by our company founder, Dr. Renat Akhmerov, and in Vienna by our esteemed colleague, Dr. Olga Tayel. The training sessions last approximately 4 hours and can be held in German, English or Russian, depending on the composition of the participants. The groups usually consist of 6-12 participants.
  3. We also offer intensive training via Skype in various medical fields. These trainings are conducted by the leading experts of our company and are usually held in English or Russian. The trainings are as individualized as possible: The groups are small and usually consist of 3-6 participants; your range of interests is also clarified in advance of the intensive training in order to provide you with targeted information during the training. Intensive training courses are currently offered in the fields of aesthetic medicine, intimate aesthetics and gynecology. We will be expanding this offer in the future.

There are two ways to purchase the face-to-face or Skype training courses:

  1. 299 euros - training + 10 PRP tubes.
  2. 499 Euro - training + 30 PRP tubes.
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