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Plasmolifting PRP Method

The Plasmolifting PRP Method is a time saving PRP method at the reach of many medical practitioner, which is widely used in aesthetic medicine, trichology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, gynecology and other fields of medicine.

Plasmolifting PRP method is a special form of self-blood therapy. Autologous blood plasma is injected into the body tissues or the subcutaneous tissues. The numerous growth factors in the plasma play a vital role in  cell renewal and thus act as a rejuvenative potential in body tissues.

This new breakthrough method is scientifically proven and practically proven - Plasmolifting is suitable for the treatment and prevention of many skin disorders as well as internal malfunctions.

Plasmolifting is a developer and supplier of unique patented specialized PRP tubes.

About us

Plasmolifting World is an innovative health care company founded and run by Dr. Renat Akhmerov, D.Sc., Ph.D., the Plasmolifting technology developer. The author of more than 75 research papers and owner of several biotechnology patents, he created a comprehensive set of simple and effective techniques for using PRP and made them available to all healthcare practitioners through his PRP Online Academy. With us, you will receive answers to all your questions regarding the practical aspects of autologous blood plasma applications.

Our mission and core values

We offer a variety of services integrated under the name of the "Plasmolifting technology".
We conceive an original and innovative paradigm regarding PRP therapy.
We propose unique, comprehensive training programs allowing to increase the treatment effectiveness significantly.
We share our experience, findings, and achievements with our partners.
We continuously provide assistance and support to healthcare professionals enabling them to improve their skills promptly.

Plasmolifting World is not about reselling blood collection tubes.
The tubes that we recommend ensure our method's security because they meet all the technical specifications set by our technology developers and all the regulatory requirements concerning medical devices. Still, they are just one of multiple elements of the Plasmolifting procedure's effectiveness.

We will support you in pursuing our shared goal: making this world healthier.

Plasmolifting World GmbH 

Kurfürstendamm 21

10719 Berlin


+49 157 776 854 00

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