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The Plasmolifting PRP tubes contain special substances that enable the extraction of highly pure autologous plasma, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of treatments.

Compared to other similar products that meet European regulations and are legally marketed in the EU, Plasmolifting PRP tubes offer the best value for money.

Centrifugation Parameters

For the EBA 200 centrifuge, we recommend the following centrifugation parameters:

  • RCF: 1760 g
  • Speed: 4200 rpm
  • Duration: 5 minutes

For the DLAB centrifuge, we recommend the following centrifugation parameters:

  • RCF: 1760 g
  • Speed: 4100 rpm
  • Duration: 5 minutes


The Plasmolifting PRP tubes contain substances that:

  • allow the extraction of autologous plasma suitable for injection into the body;
  • ensure sufficient platelet adsorption at therapeutically effective concentrations;
  • create a reliable barrier that prevents mixing of plasma with red blood cells;
  • do not affect the composition of the autologous plasma.

Main Features and Benefits

  • The materials and substances used in the manufacture of Plasmolifting PRP tubes enable the extraction of autologous plasma suitable for injection.
  • The patented separation gel forms a reliable barrier during centrifugation, preventing the mixing of plasma with the erythrocyte concentrate.
  • The yield of autologous plasma is 16-20% higher than with previously used PRP tubes.
  • The recommended centrifugation parameters were agreed upon with Dr. Renat Akhmerov, the developer of the Plasmolifting technology, and are 4000 rpm for 5 minutes.
  • The tubes are made of class 3 hydrolytic glass.
  • The thixotropic separation gel meets all standards developed and tested by Plasmolifting, including requirements regarding the percentage of blood components in the obtained supernatant.
  • The PRP tubes are manufactured in Italy and are classified as Class IIa medical devices according to Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments (Directive 2007/47/EC).
  • The shelf life specified by the manufacturer is 5 years, although we recommend using the PRP tubes within 2 years of the manufacturing date.
  • The tubes contain sodium citrate as an anticoagulant.
  • Compared to other similar products, Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® PRP tubes offer the lowest price and the best value for money.


  • D-PRP tubes 9 ml with separation gel and sodium citrate
  • ACD: sodium citrate 0.8 ml, sodium citrate pH 6.5 / 7
  • Separation gel
  • Gel weight: 2.5 g
  • Magnetic, water-insoluble, and thixotropic gel
  • Horizontal filling to ensure equal blood weight on the separation gel.

PRP Tubes

  • Bacterial endotoxins <2.7 eu="" tube="" li="">
  • Pyrogen-free glass tubes with European ISO certification
  • Plastic protective caps
  • Triple sterilization
  • Sodium citrate 0.8 ml
  • Sodium citrate pH 6.5 / 7
  • For professional medical use only

Prices and Orders

We ship these PRP tubes worldwide. The cost is €285.00 for 20 tubes. It is also possible to purchase 10 tubes for €170.

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