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Golden middle - middle face-lifting

Do you want to improve your appearance and get younger, but are you afraid of traumatic surgery, long rehabilitation period and unnatural appearance after the intervention? Take a breath in peace! Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Akhmerov Renat Rashitovich has developed a comprehensive system to improve your appearance, allowing you to achieve stunning results with simple and low-impact, outpatient methods. It is now much easier to look younger by 7-10 years! Unless, of course, you know the password: middle face-lifting.

All the prominent scientists of the past, among them Pythagoras, Plato, Phidias, Euclid, noted one way or another that all living things were created taking into account the proportions later named by Leonardo da Vinci and Luka Pacioli in the joint scientific work "De divina proportione" ("On the Divine Proportions", 1509) with a golden section or a golden division.

- Golden section is the division of a section when

A : B = B : C or C : B = B : A. The number expressing the golden ratio is an irrational fraction of 0.618..., also called F, which is calculated by the formula:

The illustration of the golden ratio is the famous "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci. Luke Pacioli believed that the smaller part of the whole section symbolizes God the Son, the larger part symbolizes God the Father, and the whole section symbolizes God the Holy Spirit, and the golden section is proof of the existence of God. The geometric expression of the divine order of the world is considered a pentagram.

Beauty of a human face depends on how proportional and symmetric are its parts. The face will be considered perfect if its proportions precisely correspond to golden section.

The distance from a line of hair growth up to a chin should be equal to 1/10 of your height.

The distance from a chin to a nose is the same as distance from the line of growth of hair up to eyebrows and should make one third of a face.

The length of the ear should be 1/3 of your face, and so on.

Following the gold proportions is the basic law of aesthetics, which must be observed by artists, designers, architects and, of course, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. However, it is not so easy to do: the face (or rather mimic muscles) is constantly in micromovement, and it is impossible to accurately measure many of its parts. Middle face-lifting by the method of Professor Akhmerov will significantly simplify the task of giving the face a golden ratio and can make the appearance of any person more attractive.

- What is the essence of Professor Akhmerov's method of middle face-lifting?

- Let's imagine a face as a scheme:

1. The upper zone - from the hair growth line to the nose bridge.

2. The middle zone, from the bridge to the base of the nose.

3. lower zone - from the base of the nose to the chin.

This division is known to everyone and is widely used in aesthetic medicine. I have come to the conclusion that the most significant changes in appearance can be achieved by changing the geometry and symmetry in the central part of the face, which I call the middle zone. The lines of this zone can be drawn on the centre of the pupils and the corners of the mouth - that is, the face is not only zoned horizontally but also vertically. And in order to make it easier to track such an important indicator as symmetry, we will divide the middle zone by a vertical border that goes strictly in the middle of the face.

An analogy can be carried out with the principles of composition in the photo: professionals know that if you divide a frame into three equal parts horizontally and vertically, the most attention is drawn to the four points at the intersection of the grid lines. (Look in the lens of a modern camera and you'll see a golden grid.) In our case, the whole middle zone is an area of high attention.

It is very important that the face parts in the middle zone are symmetrical. Even a slight shift of the tip of the nose to the right or left, the prolapse of one of the corners of the lips, more pronounced nasolabial folds on one side, falls of soft tissues or their lack or hangings, scars, birthmarks - everything that violates the geometry and symmetry in the middle - zone disfigures the face. And it should be corrected or compensated by the competent use of the left and right side of the middle - zone.

Middle face-lifting - the impact on aging signs, defects, congenital and acquired pathology, both graphical and physiological methods. The work is carried out in the central zone of the face (middle - zone) which I have allocated. We align the relief, change the geometry, volume and at the same time take care of the health and vitality of cells and tissues.

- Please explain it by an example, Renat Rashitovic.

- If it is necessary to remove wrinkles in the area of forehead or goose feet, we will use a graphical method of correction - Botox. By relaxing the muscles, botulinum toxin does not affect the viability of cells and does not stop the aging process, it only smoothes wrinkles. That's why we combine Botox and plasmolifting, which is a physiological method of correction. Plasma injections nourish and support the skin.

Plasmolifting is a combination of the best aesthetic technologies.

- What prompted you to create a system of middle face-lifting?

- I had to remove the silicone after my lip plasty failed. It's possible, often only with lip tissue. Even if a microscopic piece of tissue is cut out of the lip, it is fatal for beauty. In any other area, removing so much fabric would not affect the aesthetics. And accuracy is more important here. If symmetry is correctly distributed, you can clearly and easily rejuvenate your face for 7-10 years.

The key to amusement is found. And it really is. If the defect on the lip is clearly in the middle (chronic crack) - it does not look as scary as when the defect is located on the side.

The more symmetrical is the position of dots on the face in the middle zone, the more cute the person is. Everything on the sides - not so much affects the visual perception of the face. Middle face-lifting allows less effort to achieve impressive results.

By concentrating efforts in the central zone of the face, we can rejuvenate it for 7-10 years by simple, outpatient methods. Such correction is not complicated and its methods are widely known, but the know-how lies in the point of applying force. I've highlighted the main point. Middle face-lifting gives the direction to go towards beauty and youth.

- What methods are used for conducting middle face-lifting?

- The most effective and actually working: plasmolifting, Botox, filler injections based on hyaluronic acid and plastic surgeries - blepharoplasty, transconjunctival blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and chin surgery. Surgical interventions are not necessary for everyone, so do not think that face-lifting is long, troublesome and expensive. But if there's a problem with teeth and bite, it's a waste. The fact is that middle face-lifting will not work if the patient's smile resembles a horror movie. All the efforts of cosmetologists will be smashed into yellow, rotten and crooked teeth and the wrong bite. Pathologies of the dental system have the most detrimental effect on appearance: lips fall off or protrude disproportionately, the geometry of the mouth, and the face as a whole changes. For aesthetics, the proportionality of the teeth is important. Sometimes by nature a person gets too small, or too large, or too irregularly shaped teeth. Fixing crowns of optimal length and width increases the attractiveness of the person many times. Often it is enough to solve dental problems and the face immediately gets younger. That's why my system of improving my appearance necessarily includes a well-known technique for correcting the proportions of the middle face - dental face-lifting. Let's take a closer look at what kind of interventions middle face-lifting involves.

Skin - to activate the synthesis of vital substances: hyaluronic strabismus, collagen and elastin once a month a procedure is carried out plasmolifting. Injections of platelet-rich plasma perfectly moisturise the skin, nourish and refresh. In addition, we prevent skin cells from falling asleep and atrophy.

Forehead - to eliminate wrinkles and non-surgical lift we use injections of Botox.

Eyes - excess skin, hernias and bags are removed by blepharoplasty. Modern technologies and instruments allow performing this operation without hospitalization. In the plasty of the lower eyelids, to improve the result before the operation several sessions of plasmolifting (according to indications). It allows to eliminate sagging of a skin, to tighten it and to make more elastic. All those who plan to blepharoplasty should remember that plasmolifting prepares the skin for surgery and allows for better results.

The nose is rhinoplasty. In many cases, asymmetry is removed by adjusting the tip of the nose, or reducing its wings.

Nasolabial folds are filled with fillers (Restiline, Juviderm, Surjiderm and so on).

Lips - asymmetry of the lips, lack of volume of tissues, ugly shape of the lips, puppet wrinkles and folds around the lips (baked apple) are removed with contour plastic. The result of the treatment is immediately visible.

Teeth - dental face-lifting - crown enlargement, placement of missing teeth and veneers, change of occlusion (orthodontic treatment of wrong bite) and position of teeth, removal of gaps between teeth, mechanical whitening, treatment of periodontitis.

Chin - chin plastic, contour plastic.

The material was prepared by Svetlana Volkova.

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