How do you prepare for PRP treatment? -
How do you prepare for PRP treatment?

Preparation for PRP treatment is not so difficult and can of course be carried out at home after a thorough consultation with a specialist and under his / her supervision. The presence of a doctor during the treatment is not necessary, but telephone and electronic contact details should be kept available for any queries.

Preparation steps before PRP treatment

2 to 3 days before the treatment, you should start ingesting more fluid. The optimum volume is 2 liters per day. Fluid means mineral water, juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas, but not coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

You should also adjust your nutrition. All smoked meats, salted foods, hot spices and fatty sauces such as mayonnaise should be excluded. The day before the treatment, it would be beneficial to switch to a vegetarian menu at all and to limit your nutrition to salads and cereals for one day.

On the days before skin rejuvenation, strenuous activities should be avoided. Postpone your training in a fitness club, don't move furniture, and don't start moving - you need absolute rest, even in emotional terms.

A PRP facial treatment is performed on an empty stomach. It is precisely for this reason that attempts are always made to arrange treatment appointments for early morning in order not to stress the patients for too long. Some cosmetologists allow you to have a light breakfast: green tea without sugar, oatmeal in water, a portion of low-fat curd. However, it would be better to forego eating completely and only drink water in order to rule out undesirable side effects and unpleasant symptoms as much as possible.

Smoking is not permitted on the day of treatment.

What else should you do?

If you are taking antibiotics or taking medicines for chronic diseases, be sure to tell it your doctor who will be performing the treatment. In particular, anticoagulants are contraindicated. Your intake should ideally be stopped a few days before treatment. However, if this is not possible, reduce the dosage to a minimum.

You should not do anything on the skin itself. Follow the usual body hygiene and cosmetic treatments you are used to, such as washing, moisturizing masks, make-up removal. No special peelings or deep peelings, removal of pigment spots or deep masks are required.
Some women feel nervousness, especially before the first treatment. Yoga classes, breathing exercises, relaxing music can help calm down. Before going to bed, you can drink tea with lime blossoms, verbena and lemon balm. Strong sedatives should also not be taken.

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