PRP Plasmolifting is nowadays often used in gynecology to relieve inflammation and correct atrophic changes.

What does PRP Plasmolifting mean in gynecology?

PRP Plasmolifting is a very popular procedure in gynecology, which comprises a whole range of therapeutic measures to strengthen women's health:
• Prophylaxis of gynecological diseases
• Recovery of the genital mucosa
• Tightening of the muscles of the small pelvis

PRP Plasmolifting not only restores the sensitivity of the intimate area, but also effectively solves many other problems - the procedure significantly increases the elasticity of the intimate muscles and also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
Certain PRP Plasmolifting procedures can help in the treatment of stress incontinence.

This advanced procedure accelerates tissue regeneration processes, improves blood circulation and metabolism.
According to statistics and numerous positive evaluations, PRP Plasmolifting is considered as one of the most harmless treatments in gynecology. After implementation there are practically no side effects, even no allergic reactions. Since no foreign components are used in the PRP Plasmolifting procedure, the risk of infection is minimal.

Now you probably know that our body is healing itself by means of modern technologies! Other benefits of this therapeutic procedure:
☘Possibility to apply it both separately and in combination with other procedures
☘No need for preparatory measures
☘A wide range of medical indications for gynecological field and a small list of restrictions
☘Elimination of pathologies of bacterial origin
☘ Strengthening of the contractility feature of the lower pelvic muscles
☘Relief of inflammatory processes

The most important thing is that the intimate life of patients improves according to the PRP Plasmolifting process

PRP Plasmolifting – a modern and safe treatment

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