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Treatment of hair loss

Normally the hair should fall out, but no more than 50-60 a day. If you notice a clear increase in daily hair loss, it means that the process has gone beyond physiological. This can happen in many conditions. The most common causes are a lack of folic acid, as well as vitamin B6, long-term stress, anxiety, hormonal restructuring, weakening general diseases (accompanied by fever ORZ, influenza). Heredity also plays an important role. As a rule, hair loss is manifested by complete or partial baldness. In the latter case, only certain parts of the hair cover of the head (forehead, crown) are reduced.

In the treatment of hair loss various methods are used. Not a bad result is given by folk methods of hair strengthening. For example, rubbing into the scalp castor oil, juice or ointments from burdock roots, onion juice. Very useful for rubbing firming mixtures, including these components. For example:

Ivanka recipe - Bulgarian healer.

To prepare the medicinal mixture you need to take an egg, two spoons (table) of castor oil, 1 spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice and a teaspoon of glycerine. Thoroughly beat the mixture and rub it into the roots of your hair. Then wrap the head with a heated terry towel, hold it over the steam for a while, then rinse the hair well. This procedure makes them softer, shinier, more manageable. They fall out less and look much better.

The nettle is two-house.

Nettle-based preparations have a good effect on increased hair loss. For example, a lotion made of nasturtium juice and nettle. The mixture of plants in equal parts (200 g) is poured a half liter of medical alcohol, insist at least two weeks, then filtered. Such a lotion should be rubbed into weakened hair roots every day, preferably before bed. If, apart from the fallout, dandruff is also a concern, rinsing with nettle broth may have a good effect, better in half with the mother and stepmother. Young nettles collected before flowering should be used to prepare the decoctions.

Nutritional masks

For dry hair it is good to use a 150 g mask of dried black bread, egg yolk and 20 drops of castor oil. Kashitsu from the components should be distributed on the hair, to hold for a while, then rinse. If your hair is oily, you should take protein instead of yolk, and castor should be replaced with a small amount of broth of herbal collection for oily hair. A similar mask can also be used to strengthen normal hair. In this case, the bread is soaked in water and the whole egg is added to the mixture.

In the treatment of hair loss a large role is given to the appropriate diet. It is necessary to eliminate all fat and spicy from the diet, and enrich the diet with raw fruits and vegetables with peel. The latter contains a very important element for hair growth - silicon. Yeast, milk, bread with bran, honey and fried hazelnuts are also useful.

If these methods do not have the desired effect, or you want to try more radical and effective procedures, I am waiting for you at my reception. Together with our colleagues, we use various techniques to help stop the increased hair loss. Among them, one of the latest developments is plasmolifting, which has helped to stop baldness in a very large number of patients.

You can find out about the price of the service by coming to my office or writing to me:

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