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Tubes for PRP procedures are made from clear plastic or borosilicate glass, allowing the physician to visually monitor the blood collection process, centrifugation, and the separation of plasma from other blood components. Inside the tubes are special anticoagulants and separating gels that serve to divide the blood into components during centrifugation.

The quality of tubes for PRP therapy is crucial for the successful acquisition of highly concentrated plasma.

The advantages of using our PRP tubes for PRP procedures include:

  • Convenient design and labeling allow easy determination of the blood volume to be collected and monitoring of the centrifugation process;
  • Sterility and safety of the procedure minimize the risk of infection and other adverse effects;
  • Ensuring the integrity and activity of prothrombin factors, fibroblasts, platelets, and other valuable components;
  • Tubes with gel separators help reduce the risk of contamination and prevent the mixing of blood and plasma during centrifugation.

It is important to note that when purchasing tubes for PRP, one should check for certificates of compliance with quality standards. In our store, you can buy tubes for PRP procedures that have been certified. Choosing quality products is a fundamental step in ensuring a successful and safe procedure for obtaining autologous plasma.

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