Contraindications to PRP Therapy -

PRP therapy is an injectable procedure that involves injecting enriched plasma with platelets from the patient into the area of their body requiring rapid healing. This aims to accelerate regeneration and stimulate the growth of the body's own cells. The method is quite innovative and has already demonstrated positive results in treating sports injuries (such as joint tissue ruptures). It has found wide application in cosmetology and trichology.

The essence of the method is not to treat from the outside, as pharmaceuticals do, but to stimulate the body's own production of the necessary cells for tissue restoration.

In cosmetology, the method is used in rejuvenation programs to restore elasticity to aging skin. Experience with the enriched blood product shows that besides successful tightening of sagging contours, the method is effective in hair loss as a natural hair growth stimulator.

Contraindications to PRP Therapy

Despite the good tolerance and gentleness of the procedure, there are several limiting factors that make plasma lifting or PRP therapy a potentially risky manipulation. Therefore, before starting the therapy, a doctor (cosmetologist, dermatologist, or another specialist using this method for treating diseases in their field) will prescribe a series of tests to:

- Determine the platelet level in peripheral blood,
- Diagnose acute or widespread infectious processes,
- Exclude anemia,
- Exclude coagulopathies (imbalances between the blood clotting and anticoagulant systems) and other blood disorders.

The contraindications to the procedure are:

- Low platelet levels,
- Sepsis or acute infection,
- Low hemoglobin or erythrocyte levels (anemia),
- Hemophilia or thrombophilia and other pathologies that affect blood clotting,
- Systemic connective tissue diseases (such as lupus),
- Oncological diseases (especially blood tumors),
- Benign tumor processes prone to degeneration,
- Heparin intolerance (in rare cases, heparin may cause allergies).

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