PRP Plasmolifting + contour plastic: Protocol -

Why should plasma and hyaluronic acid be combined? Let's clear it up.

Autologous plasma injections create conditions for collagen synthesis in the skin.

Hyalurone fillers injected after plasma injections stay in the tissue for longer than usual.

 In addition, autologous plasma has a therapeutic effect on skin necrosis, which may arise as a result of the injection of filler based on hyaluronic acid.

 The protocol for a complex rejuvenation program with this combination of treatments includes:

a Plasmolifting therapy cycle of 2-4 treatments at intervals of 1 weeks;

contour plastic with filler in 7-10 days after completion of the Plasmolifting therapy cycle.

 Colleagues! Do you combine Plasmolifting treatments with contour plastic using hyaluronic acid filers?

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