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Plasmolifting® Serum PRP-Cream

The right skincare routine is a key to a healthy and beautiful skin. We give you Plasmolifting® Serum made specifically to fit the needs of your skin.

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The recipe of the elixir is amazingly simple and extremely complicated at the same time: the Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® Anti Aging PRP Cream Serum combines key beauty factors and your own plasma.

Individual composition of the Plasmolifting® DR. RENAT AKHMEROV® serum thanks to use of the body's own plasma. The following active substances are contained in the serum:

Short peptides direct agents through the horny layer into deeper layers of the skin and activate the extracellular matrix. In addition, peptides - similar to botulinum toxin - smooth out wrinkles and skin irregularities.

Growth factors are activated by receptors of the skin cells, thereby promoting the regeneration and renewal of the skin.

Thanks to their low molecular weight, amino acids penetrate the derma, trigger metabolic processes and promote the formation of essential proteins.

Take advantage of the holistic approach to skin renewal by using autologous blood plasma. Plasmolifting® injections and Plasmolifting® serum activate the skin's natural healing and regeneration processes thanks to the growth factors contained in the plasma.

Use the Plasmolifting® serum for skin rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic treatments: laser therapy, photo rejuvenation, peels and other invasive procedures. The application of the serum accelerates healing processes in the skin, promotes microcirculation and skin respiration.

Use the Plasmolifting® serum to extend the duration of action and increase the efficiency of such skin rejuvenation techniques as Mesotherapy, Biorevitalisation, Bio-Repair, Thread Lifting, Contour Tightening. As a result, more pronounced and long-lasting treatment effects are achieved.


Use the Plasmolifting® serum in the combination therapy for the treatment of dermatological diseases.

The result of using Plasmolifting® Serum PRP Cream is a healthier skin complexion, improved skin hydration, strengthening of tissue elasticity and tension. As a result of various skin diseases resulting small scars and pigment spots disappear, number of wrinkles is reduced and their depth is reduced.


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