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Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP Kit (2 per box)

GenLife PRP Premium Kit (2 per box) for the Use in Cosmetic Dermatology (Hair Loss, Age-related skin changes), Dentistry and Orthopedics

 GenLife PRP Blood Collection Tubes

-       are made of Pyrex borosilicate glass that is highly resistant to chemical attack and can be used with most acids, therefore the anticoagulants that contain any solution of citric acid and sodium citrate are not able to etch this glass. Moreover, the Pyrex glass surface carries a negative charge, and so it has a naturally acquired very low affinity for platelets that makes it possible to maximize the platelet yield;

-       are medium walled, meaning that its wall is 1.2 mm thick (vs. 0.7 mm thick wall of normal glass tubes), and thus the risk of its breakage during centrifugation is eliminated;

-       contain a specially designed separator gel that exhibits a right degree of thixotropy and a specific density necessary to obtain maximum platelet yield, and to optimize leukocyte concentration in blood plasma virtually eliminating granulocytes from it, while the levels of monocytes and lymphocytes remain essentially unchanged;

-       contain an anticoagulant;

-       are certified as IIb class medical device in line with the Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments and additions (Directive 2007/47/CEE).

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Specifications for this item

Brand Name GenLife PRP


Product description

- Pyrex® glass blood collection tubes; 

- Size: 15 x 100 mm; 

- Volume: 9 ml; 

- IIb class medical device.


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