Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP tubes (2 per box)
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Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP...
Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP...
Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP...

Plasmolifting GenLife Premium PRP tubes (2 per box)

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- made of Pyrex borosilicate glass, which exhibit an extremely high chemical resistance: It is not affected in any way by contact with the anticoagulant contained in the tubes. In addition, the surface of this glass is negatively charged, which prevents the adhesion of platelets to the glass and thus also preventing decrease of their number in plasma. The wall thickness of the GenLife PRP tube is 1.2 mm and prevents it from bursting during the centrifugation process, since the strength of such a tube against centrifugal force is much higher than that of typical commercially available tubes with a wall thickness of 0.7 mm;

- contain a special separation gel with a precisely adjusted high gel density, which allows a significant increase in platelet count and an optimization of the leukocyte concentration in the plasma (granulocyte concentration decreases while the lymphocytes and monocytes concentrations remain unchanged),

- contain an anticoagulant based on sodium citrate;

- are certified as a medical device of risk class IIb.


Specifications for this item

Brand Name GenLife PRP


Product description

- Pyrex® glass blood collection tubes; 

- Size: 15 x 100 mm; 

- Volume: 9 ml; 

- IIb class medical device.

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