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2 - 3 working days

Mediware disposable 2 / 3ml...

The high-quality 3-piece Luer Lock special syringe

- Without cannula

- Crystal clear

- Extended abrasion-resistant scale

- Separately sterile packed

- 1 package unit - 100 pieces

- Recommended for a PRP treatment

* Information on the calculation of the delivery date

* For professional medical applications only

2 - 3 working days

"Medifuge" – centrifuge,...

High quality CGF centrifuge – specifically developed for the making of PRP: fractional centrifugation with a preset programme, allowing an efficient outcome of thrombocytes/growth factors.

2 - 3 working days

10 Plasmolifting®...

The set contains 10 Plasmolifting creams.

PZN: 15420185
GTIN: 04260552430014
PPN: 111542018538


Plasmolifting® Multi-Purpose Skin Cream is a triple-action formula that reduces expression lines, prevents and corrects age-related changes in facial contours, and provides the skin with immediate intense hydration.

Regularly used, the cream helps to improve the firmness, elasticity and texture of the skin, reduce sagging of the skin along the jaw, reduce deep wrinkles in the perioral region and forehead, as well as wrinkles around the eyes.

When blended with the patient's own blood plasma, the unique composition of the serum helps overcome the lipid barrier of the skin by creating a platelet-friendly environment, thereby preserving the properties of the blood plasma.

Plasmolifting® serum prepares the skin for the efficient flow of all blood plasma components in the basal layer of the epidermis and in the dermis.

estimate delivery period

2 - 3 working days

Mesoram 30G / 0,30 x 6mm

PZN: 8475830
32G / 0,23 x 4mm

Microinjection Needles
100 pcs./box: individual packing, disposable single use, EtO sterilized and CE marked
The perfect and accurate grinding of needles significantly reduced pain sensation during the treatment.